How time truly flies and it’s the month of february, heading into the second month of 2015. Yet, the same old me have yet to accomplished anything major in my life, relying majorly on my savings to get past with living each day and maybe working once a twice a week at the usual chinese restaurant in Harbourfront Centre. Although I have gotten another part-time job that pays relatively good, the job schedule is horrible and it’s either 2x work day per week or none. I wonder how much my savings is going to last. Hmmm…

(I won’t really  consider a full-time job mainly because of CPF contributions, for I need hard solid cash. Plus, I have something on in my mind. I’ll update you guys in a few months time when the time is ripe. Let’s just keep the suspension and guessing going on.)

Anyway, I’ve picked up pole-dancing at this dance school called Dance Channel and I got the deal from Groupon which I managed to saved alot. I started my first lesson on a friday and the pole was very different from the ones I tried on previously in Acro Polates during the trial class which I had plenty of fun with Karen. At Dance Channel, they use spinny while Acro Polates uses static poles. In my opinion, I guess I would prefer spinny because it’s easier to do spins and stuns on it while static is harder. Then again, it’s harder to grip on to spinny than static if you have sweaty palms like me. I guess there’s always its pros and cons to which pole is better, but as for now, my favourite is spinny. Maybe someday when my core muscles are stronger, I might attempt classes on static poles. Now that I remember, I better start training on my legs to be able to perform splits. I know my legs are weak and stiff, although my back is stronger and could do a back bend. I can’t wait for the next pole-dance class this week!

I also know that the month of february is going to be a special one because this year, chinese new year happens to fall in the same month as Valentines’ Day. Although I can’t really celebrate chinese new year (such as bringing mandarin oranges to wish people luck) this year due to my grandma’s departure, I’m still allowed to wear red (I don’t wear red actually, this rule doesn’t really benefit me) and collect angpows (if people give me of their free will. Haha, I’m such a cheater.) Speaking of which, I can’t wait for my CNY new clothes to arrive! (It had been a long while since I did my shopping, since grandma was sick.)

Yes, valentines is just in a few days time, on a saturday, and I’m not working! (Excited much!) I don’t know why and what am I excited over but the feeling of love is in the air is just so amazing isn’t it? I doubt I’ll have a date this year and I’m probably going to hang out with my girls again as usual except for Glad because she’s attached now. Or maybe someone might ask me out on valentines day out of the blue? (I don’t know, but the possibility is just 0.1%?)

One more thing, I’m so proud of myself for clubbing lesser nowadays. It’s probably a once or twice a month affair now instead of the previous once or twice a week thing. Still, I can’t get over drinking though, especially when I’m feeling down (most of the time actually) I still need my liquor and booze to make me happy so that I’ll tear lesser at night. Then again, all these drinking had actually trigger my frequent eczema attacks with uncontrollable itch and swollen itch lumps and patches. HORRENDOUSLY HIDEOUS. That explains in my drop in self-confidence nowadays. I should totally kick off my alcohol reliance habit and lead a more healthier lifestyle to improve my skin condition. (Note to self.)

I guess that’s enough updates for the time being.

IMG_1767Off to my bed. Nights peeps!



Forever 21 Shopping Alone!

I know I have been leading this loner life since forever and I really do, enjoy shopping alone, spending time with myself alone, wandering around places in Singapore alone.

It’s really very nice just to walk around, looking at things and people and yet not needing to talk to people and this time, I have decided to head down to Forever 21 to do some shopping alone.

So, I ended up some basics tops and a sunglasses for only $10! A really pretty one in purple! (My favourite colour~)

ImageHere’s me attempting to take a photo of this pretty lilac top with sheer panels at the side. It cost $23 if I’m not wrong.


And I tried on this peplum skirt in beige and it looked ugly on me! 😦


Then I fell in love with this ombre sleeve top but too bad the colour of mint doesn’t have size small and I’m not really a fan of coral pink, so I decided not to get it. BUT IT’S PRETTY RIGHT?


And here’s photos of me in a very basic pocket tee in white!

I know I have been looking very terrible if you can see my colour of my face, it looks pale, eye bags, panda circles, I was in a very terrible shape because I hadn’t been able to sleep well due to insomnia or rather, my body clock is screwed due to late night activities.

Anyway, see you peeps soon!~

The Best of Times!


Yes! I finally had a meetup with my bff! She’s Siru! The ultimate and officially bff that I have! She’s not the best bff that you would expect, but I guess we kind of are able to “click” and hit off well in a way despite the lack of closeness due to us pursuing different routes of education. Of course, she likes fashion stuffs which I really do and we do have some common topics on and off which I can’t share with you here. Hehehehe! 

ImageI got myself dressed in my new dress from MDScollections! I really love the back of the dress which I couldn’t show you without the help of someone taking photo for me! But still, it does features a nice white crochet top part and the bottom is chiffon and pastel pink! So pretty!

And, I wore my ankle strap nude flats that I bought from Vern’s in Malaysia! It’s a really light-coloured and pastel-looking day with this girly vibe! Feels good to be young! 😉


So, we decided to settle our lunch at this small corner in AMK HUB called Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert. It’s a really small place but rather nice place to chill out and meet your friends!


So here’s the promotion menu! And I ordered one wanton noodle soup and added on a Pomelo Sago and a supposedly carrot cake (Siru ordered wrongly and turns out to be a yam cake. YUCK! I really hate yam cake!)


Here’s the wanton noodle soup! You could opt for dry or soup!

And here’s my verdict: It’s nothing really fanciful or amazing and neither do I feel “wow” about eating it. It’s really light and rather bland and nothing special, for the price of $6.50, I guess it wasn’t really worth it for that bowl of noodles. (THUMBS DOWN!)


Here’s the add-on $1.50 of Pomelo Sago and yam cake!

My verdict?

Well, appearance-wise, it sure looks good but the taste was terrible. I’m not a really a yam cake person so not comments about it.

But the Pomelo Sago was BLEAH! It was really watery and bland with barely much mango smell and taste and the Pomelo? It was more of bitter than fragrance! And Sago? There was none! I guess you would say that I’m really very fickle with food, but dessert wise, like mango sago related stuffs, I’m extremely picky about it because my grandpa owns a dessert shop and he taught me what’s kind of mango sago or dessert is best and how to taste and identify them.

So, a bowl of Pomelo Sago at this shop? Save your money for a $1.50 Ice-cream sundae at Macs!


So, after our meal we went to Bugis Street because I wanted to get a bag and some clothes and she accompanied me so!

Well, I ended up buying a laser cut clutch in black and not a handbag and I bought this black bandage skirt to pair with the coral top I got from MDScollections! Now, I have the perfect outfit!

I’m a happy girl! Best of all, the bandage skirt fits me well and was really versatile with any tops! Wahooo!!! I could buy more bandage skirt in future!


Oh! Did I mentioned that I got my very first LBD?

Ok, little black dress  (LBD) is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe because it’s so versatile! AND…I finally got ONEEE!

(Ok, I took these photos after reaching home and trying on those loots hoping they would fit because shopping at Bugis Street doesn’t allows you to try the clothes as they are sold cheap.)


And ending off the day with a photo of Siru and me!!!

I didn’t put a single drop or specks of makeup on my face! BUT!!!

Because I feel like myself, make-up-less and most importantly comfortable with her, for she doesn’t looks down on me nor find me ugly with so many eczema scars and freckles on my face (due to SUNTAN! Grrr~) and that matter a lot to me! I can feel confident and at ease with her without worrying about looking ugly at all time!

I really love this bff so much! She’s so nice :))

Crafting In Progress!

It’s been quite a while since I did some arts & crafts which was my favourite hobby since young. So on this random day of my holidays, I have decided to do and learn to do some simple crafts as a birthday gift for my bff (best-friend-forever) since I owe her 18th birthday gift due to her A’Levels.

And, I’ve actually bought a simple brown wooden photo frame and some craft materials like ribbons, glitters and glue.

So, check out what I

ImageUsing the box of ribbons I’ve got, I tried to learn from a youtube video about making ribbon rose! It’s my first attempt, I can’t say that it’s perfect but, I guess it does look a little like rose, don’t it?


And taddaaa!!!

Here’s the wooden frame that I bought! It’s quite amazing that it looks so girly and all “bling-ed” up!

So, I had actually use 2 colours of glitter, silver and ocean blue to create that ombre effect since it’s really popular nowadays. Also, I used the pearls and beads that I had when I bought for my jewellery making hobby as some of the decorative for the frame! Of course, I did the round polka dot sequins myself by using a ribbons and sewing it before glueing on a clay flower on top of it!


It looks really pretty under the light because it’s so glittery and bling like a diamond!

It really SPARKLES!!! ❤

However, I kind of feel that the frame was a little too amateur and childish and kiddy, till the next day, I’ve decided to give the frame a little re-vamp.


Here it is!

The final look!

I’ve actually plucked off those sequins and replace the empty spaces with seashells that were picked from Tanah Lot in Bali when I was on an exchange programme with my bff.

I guess it’s kind of good memories, and I was hoping that this frame would evoke memories of my bff and I when we were in Bali and thus, I turned this frame into a more ocean-inspired look with the blue ombre effect from the glitters which reveals the sea and seabed under the sun and all those pretty shells and beads that are on the glitters.


(A close up of the pretty beads and shells!)

Don’t you love them?

I had to glue the sides with ribbon because the wooden frame which were painted brown when I bought them off the shelf, the brown paint actually came off when my UHU glue was on it. And worst off, the brown paint actually seep through some parts of the ribbon!!! GOSH~


Here’s how the frame actually look!

It’s a photo frame cum birthday card! 2-in-1! Isn’t it cooL?

I had insert a pink card as the “photo” with my well-wishes written on it. Of course, for privacy purposes, I had to blur those messages and I paste a really cute goofy sticker on it! CAUSE I LOVE CUTE THINGS! 😛


Being really lazy to wrap up the photo frame, I attempted to do something really simple, starting off with making a nice blue bow. A really small one!


You could see that I didn’t fully tear off the label of the box properly…

Still, I tried to adorn this birthday present with strips of wrapping paper and finishing it off with a petite blue bow! 

I guess it does looks good…


And, I attempted to go another rose using a different method!

So which rose do you think looks better?

The one on the top of my post or this one?