I’ve been really stressed over money and my future job lately.

I know it’s impossible to be working in a gym with meagre pay,

Even though it makes me happy.

I’m the kind that chose over doing something I like than to do something I disliked,

Despite the attractive benefits.

Working in a gym, honestly had made me lead a healthier lifestyle.

But lately I went back drinking again.

I know I’m not an alcoholic,

But I love how alcohol makes me happy,

It makes me feel light and burden free.

My mind is like floating on clouds, empty and yet light-weight.

Although problems may return when the alcohol wears off the next day,

But I need this temporary relief from everything,

At least it gives me the break from being so stressful over my life.

Maybe I’m in the growing up crisis, wondering what life would brings me.

Not being able to further educate myself because of monetary issues.

Unable to get my dream  job because I’m lacking of lady luck.

I wish things will be better.

(I’m drinking as I’m typing this post, I have no shoulders to borrow, no listening ear available and hence, my blog is my only place where I could let things out.)


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