Unveiling my pole videos!

I know it’s gonna be a really big and bold decision to unveil all my pole videos to you guys. I know I might gain criticism, jokes or being laugh about. It’s ok. It’s my learning journey and I think I’ve improved really a lot from an absolutely weak and frail two left feet to the current girl who can do an invert. I’m proud of my achievement and I think I can do better.

My Meipai Pole Channel

(Just click on the link…)

I’m using Meipai to upload my snippets of my pole videos and practices and the just-for-laugh videos because it’s really easy to upload via the app on my phone and I love how I could edit my videos easily, like adding filters or songs, cutting and trimming.

And if you guys are always wondering why do pole girls wear so little?

We wear little not because we want to look sexy or seductive or to attract those unwanted sexual attention. We need the skin contact for grips and friction so that we won’t fall from the pole. Our waist, our inner thighs, our armpits and many other parts provide grips for various different moves and as we advance along, the tricks gets harder, so does our attire, gets shorter. Haha x

Damage Done


Dec 18th: The rest of my loots from Taobao finally arrived. It’s been like forever since I made my order on 65daigou.com, and tadaaa, I bought like 4 yoga tops/sports bra whichever you would like to call it for my pole class. Previously, I have been alternating the two plain and boring ones, now finally I have more options and choices! And I totally adore that stripped x-back one as it’s Lululemon inspired!

As for the two bottoms, they are from Forever21, I’ve been trying hard to find a high waist denim shorts that could fit my super-hard-to-find-perfect-fit bottom, and I finally I found it (cause i have this bottom curvy, my waist is small and my hips are super wide…) . Spend like $20 plus for the bottom and I think it was worth it. And I’m not ready to get the super ultra short pole shorts so I got myself a grey yoga shorts… cause I’m still a beginner-intermediate in-between levels for pole.

Month of december is forever the month where I’ll splurge on what I’ve save, because there’s sales everyone and there’s so much stuff that I can’t take my eyes off. Haha x


Ever since the first pole class, I feel in love with pole dancing. It has been my dream to attempt to sign up for pole class but due to the strong discouragement from my friends, I did not learn until I got to know of this friend where I was so inspired by a guy being able to pole dance. I pluck up the courage and sign myself up. Pole dancing have always been known to people as a slutty dance which aim to seduce and is a down-grading form of dance. To me, I differ so. It has been recognized as a dance sport and that old-fashion minded people should totally snap out from their senses and wake up. Pole dance can help to keep fit and is a form of combination of various dance styles like ballet and fitness for it requires a lot of your core muscles to do the various tricks. Currently, pole dance has even combined with various dance forms like lyrical pole, contemporary pole and even pole exercises which heavily emphasize on fitness. Pole dance has really made a transformation as a dance itself and have been growing in popularity, I don’t see why anyone should really hate it. Anyway, I couldn’t had enough of pole time in class and finally I decided to dig into my precious savings to get myself a pole at home. After various efforts by myself trying to shift those heavy loaded furniture, I managed to make space and install the pole. It was self-assembled and I managed to complete it without any help…sweating badly though! IMG_3024 That’s a basic pole sit. I’m still a beginner in pole dancing and training very hard to strengthen my arms, core and as well as leg grips. It wasn’t easy and came at a hefty price of pain. Then again, I guess the price of pain was worth it because I could transfer the heartache from family and unhappiness into a pain that is more rewarding.

(I know I look fat in this picture which I am actually back then…DAMN!)


Just hanging on the pole to practice my grip.


I’m making of the use of pole to facilitate my warming up and increase my flexibility level.


I wasn’t someone flexible from the start and gave up dancing in primary school because I didn’t had the determination to perform a simple split when everyone in the class could do so. I know my back and leg are very stiff and I’m trying so hard to break the limits. From a 90 degrees angle to a current 165 degrees angle was quite a feat and a whole lot of pain that I have tolerated. I still can’t sit up straight without heavy reliance on the pole to actually pull my body forward instead of tilting it back. I will try hard to strengthen my back and rely less on the pole for support.

(I know my arm muscles are popping and they look pretty cool compared to flabby arms!)IMG_3200IMG_3205IMG_3204That’s the best I could go so far. I’ll keep trying for a perfect 180 degrees split. My progress is very slow and I know I am an absolute beginner with practically no dance background and people are looking down on me telling me to give up but I can’t because I finally found my courage to pursue something I like, my interest. I don’t think your words are worth listening anymore. This time, I should listen to what my heart is saying and follow it.


Pole dance have also made my top two abs POP! I know I don’t have the perfect bikini body to flaunt yet but I’m trying every step that I could to work hard and get there. The perfect tone body and a flat tummy.


Recently, I went to H&M to window shop and decided to gave tight-fit dress a go since I have avoiding them for a year plus because of the tummy gain. Finally, it fit well and my tummy was like bulging then before. I was practically thrilled how pole dancing have transformed me.


This dress was slightly loud in prints but still NO MORE BULGING TUMMY! I can finally say goodbye to loose tops and flare dresses! 😀


I’m officially a pole addict!

My current class term is also coming to an end soon. With the dance school plans of relocation, they are currently not accepting any continuation of classes sign-up which is quite disappointing as it meant that I have to search for a new school soon or wait till the current dance school have relocated. What a luck.


How time truly flies and it’s the month of february, heading into the second month of 2015. Yet, the same old me have yet to accomplished anything major in my life, relying majorly on my savings to get past with living each day and maybe working once a twice a week at the usual chinese restaurant in Harbourfront Centre. Although I have gotten another part-time job that pays relatively good, the job schedule is horrible and it’s either 2x work day per week or none. I wonder how much my savings is going to last. Hmmm…

(I won’t really  consider a full-time job mainly because of CPF contributions, for I need hard solid cash. Plus, I have something on in my mind. I’ll update you guys in a few months time when the time is ripe. Let’s just keep the suspension and guessing going on.)

Anyway, I’ve picked up pole-dancing at this dance school called Dance Channel and I got the deal from Groupon which I managed to saved alot. I started my first lesson on a friday and the pole was very different from the ones I tried on previously in Acro Polates during the trial class which I had plenty of fun with Karen. At Dance Channel, they use spinny while Acro Polates uses static poles. In my opinion, I guess I would prefer spinny because it’s easier to do spins and stuns on it while static is harder. Then again, it’s harder to grip on to spinny than static if you have sweaty palms like me. I guess there’s always its pros and cons to which pole is better, but as for now, my favourite is spinny. Maybe someday when my core muscles are stronger, I might attempt classes on static poles. Now that I remember, I better start training on my legs to be able to perform splits. I know my legs are weak and stiff, although my back is stronger and could do a back bend. I can’t wait for the next pole-dance class this week!

I also know that the month of february is going to be a special one because this year, chinese new year happens to fall in the same month as Valentines’ Day. Although I can’t really celebrate chinese new year (such as bringing mandarin oranges to wish people luck) this year due to my grandma’s departure, I’m still allowed to wear red (I don’t wear red actually, this rule doesn’t really benefit me) and collect angpows (if people give me of their free will. Haha, I’m such a cheater.) Speaking of which, I can’t wait for my CNY new clothes to arrive! (It had been a long while since I did my shopping, since grandma was sick.)

Yes, valentines is just in a few days time, on a saturday, and I’m not working! (Excited much!) I don’t know why and what am I excited over but the feeling of love is in the air is just so amazing isn’t it? I doubt I’ll have a date this year and I’m probably going to hang out with my girls again as usual except for Glad because she’s attached now. Or maybe someone might ask me out on valentines day out of the blue? (I don’t know, but the possibility is just 0.1%?)

One more thing, I’m so proud of myself for clubbing lesser nowadays. It’s probably a once or twice a month affair now instead of the previous once or twice a week thing. Still, I can’t get over drinking though, especially when I’m feeling down (most of the time actually) I still need my liquor and booze to make me happy so that I’ll tear lesser at night. Then again, all these drinking had actually trigger my frequent eczema attacks with uncontrollable itch and swollen itch lumps and patches. HORRENDOUSLY HIDEOUS. That explains in my drop in self-confidence nowadays. I should totally kick off my alcohol reliance habit and lead a more healthier lifestyle to improve my skin condition. (Note to self.)

I guess that’s enough updates for the time being.

IMG_1767Off to my bed. Nights peeps!